Getting started


Users of the U.S. Web Design System have created implementations for popular content management systems, web frameworks, and package managers that may help get you started more quickly and easily. Though some implementations may not include all of the Design System, they should give your team a strong foundation to work from.

If you have a new implementation to add to this list, please open an issue or send us an email with the following information:

Heads up

Some of the implementations listed here are not affiliated or endorsed, and have not been tested, by the Design System team. Use them at your own discretion.

Distribution Author or maintainer Notes
Django Paul Tagliamonte (USDS) This package provides access to the Design System in Django applications.
Django 18F This package provides Django Forms integration with the Design System.
Drupal Brock Fanning This base theme focuses on tweaking Drupal’s markup so that it will work with the USWDS library. Some CSS is added to deal with unavoidable Drupal quirks, but only as a last resort.
Jekyll 18F A Jekyll theme for the Design System.
npm and gulp 18F This is a simple Node JS-based “starter project” that uses gulp and gulp-sass to power a development workflow for a one-page site that leverages the Design System’ SASS. Note that this is a starter project and not a reusable package.
npm and node-sass Brian DeRocher This package provides seamless integration with node-sass and grunt pipelines.
NuGet Abdul Ahad Monty The NuGet Package has been created to access the library easily from Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager.
Rails gem 18F This Ruby on Rails gem is used and actively maintained by 18F.
Ruby gem 18F This gem has been deprecated in favor of the Rails gem. Please let us know if you’d like to adopt it.
WebJars VJ Kapur For Java- and JVM-based build tools, such as Maven and Gradle.
WordPress Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) This is not a reusable WordPress theme, but an implementation of the Design System for
WordPress Kyle Jennings A WordPress theme built with Automattic’s _s, the U.S. Web Design System, and the needs of the people. For additional components and shortcodes, check out the Franklin plugin.
WordPress Kyle Laverty The Standards is a WordPress theme that is based on the U.S. Web Design System.