Take action

Many of the ideas in this report are big-picture thinking, requiring time, collaboration, and strategies to come to fruition. But, right now, you can begin by understanding the value and benefits of using the design system to deliver better digital services.

Everyone can:

  • Use the conversation starters throughout this report to prompt discussions with your managers and team members

  • Join the USWDS community and get involved

Thought-leaders can:

Policy analysts can:

  • Better define what 21st Century IDEA compliance is

  • Think about how shared digital services can be better used throughout government and how policy could support that effort

  • Identify key performance indicators and include digital services in strategic plans

Content managers can:

  • Use the [design system’s principles to bring human-centered design into your work and make data-informed decisions

  • Review the design system’s UX guidelines around content and its organization

  • Become familiar with the components and proactively think about how you can use them to highlight and present content on your site

  • Reach out to your Federal Web Council representative to learn more about your agency’s digital strategy and modernization plans

Engineers can:

Designers can:

Leadership can:

  • Talk with other agency leadership to learn how they’ve implemented the design system

  • Develop a plan for how your agency could adopt it, including aligning with modernization plan priorities, developing timelines, and budgeting

  • Make sure websites have ongoing funding and resource support

  • Connect CIOs, web/digital managers, evaluation officers, chief data officers, and other federal program leaders to align on how customer experience priorities are being integrated across all areas of work

Improving how the public interacts with government digital services will be a collective effort and won’t happen overnight.

To improve USWDS as a product, we’ll begin refining and implementing the next steps outlined in this report, incorporating additional research and input from the USWDS community as we go. Agencies interested in participating in this process — or simply in learning more about the design system — can join us in our public Slack channel (#uswds-public), for our monthly calls, and in the digital.gov communities of practice.

We also look forward to collaborating with our digital services colleagues in TTS and beyond to explore new ways of providing shared value for government and articulate a more defined path toward our North Star vision of empowered digital teams and trusted experiences.

We thank everyone who shared their time, feedback, and ideas throughout this research effort and invite you — our collaborators and colleagues — to join us in further exploring these big-picture questions by joining our community and attending our events.

What comes next?

Attend a workshop

The first workshop for federal employees will be in Spring 2021, and we hope to hold ad hoc workshops in the future as well.

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