The design system is part of an ecosystem of collective efforts to steward good design practices, transformation, and resilience across government. There’s opportunity for more collaboration and coordination to help agencies navigate and benefit from the multitude of shared services and collective knowledge available to them.

Further support TTS collaboration

We see opportunities for USWDS to work with other government transformation efforts with the following opportunities.

Build a referral system

Connect agencies to the various services and products that might be useful for them within and beyond TTS by building a more formalized referral system

  • Work with partners like GSA’s 18F, Centers of Excellence, and Presidential Innovation Fellows, as well as the U.S. Digital Service (USDS), who help agencies fix technical problems, build products, and improve how government serves the public through technology

  • Educate agencies on the specific benefits and different services that partner programs (like those in GSA and USDS) provide

  • Promote training and events with partners like, Lab at OPM, Federal Acquisition Institute

  • Help leverage OPM’s Open Opportunities and agency microtasking and detail programs

  • Promote technology purchasing programs, including GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules for Information Technology and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts to buy technology products and services

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Support sustainable digital services

Map existing federal digital services offerings to needed areas of support or create new joint offerings as agencies need them

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Utilize acquisition expertise

Leverage GSA’s acquisition expertise, such as focusing on outreach efforts to connect with non-traditional vendors

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Educate contracting officers

Compile assorted agile contracting guides, including sample contract language for 21st Century IDEA and the De-Risking Government Technology field guide, and make them easily findable by agencies

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Expand framework support

Continue to expand the design system’s usage to more enterprise-level applications or other government systems, such as apps for common, high-impact federal services like benefits

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