Product roadmap

Our product roadmap is an up-to-date report on the work we’re doing and planning to do.

Our product roadmap communicates what we’ve recently done and what we’ve got planned for the next 4-8 months. We’ve moved our roadmap planning board to GitHub so we can keep it more up-to-date.

Check out our Public Roadmap on GitHub for more details about what we’re doing and what’s coming up.

If you’d like to see what we’re working on from week to week, check out our Sprint Board on GitHub

Every four months, we review feature requests and decide which features we’re going to add to the design system. Let us know which features you’d like to see in the design system by upvoting feature requests on GitHub. Here are current feature requests, sorted by upvotes.

Got an idea or feature request? Submit it through our GitHub Feature Request template.

Latest updates

Meaningful code and guidance updates are listed in the following table:

Date Description

Simplified content and added link to the public roadmap on GitHub. More information: uswds-site#1654