Product roadmap

Here, you’ll find our product roadmap — an up-to-date report on the work we’re doing.

Below is our product roadmap: a long-term plan of the goals, features, and long-term direction of USWDS. We update this frequently with the status of our progress, as well as add new high-level feature requests and ideas.

2020 Roadmap

  • Build most-requested new components
    • Card Done
    • Breadcrumb Done
    • Character count Done
    • Combobox Done
    • Button group Done
    • Date picker Done
    • Date range picker Done
    • Time picker Done
    • Date and time picker Done
    • Tooltip Done
    • File input Done
    • Step indicator Done
    • Identifier (Anchor) Done
    • Tabs In progress
    • Icons In progress
    • Button icon In progress
    • Pagination In progress
    • Advanced layout Upcoming
    • Glossary Upcoming
    • Data tables Upcoming
    • Top tasks Upcoming
  • Simplify and improve design assets Done
  • Update product values In progress
  • Update USWDS Jekyll theme to USWDS 2 Done
  • Create tailored guides for common user types On deck
  • Rebuild component library In progress
  • Develop contribution model In progress
  • Improve test suite Upcoming

Reach goals

  • Streamline and modernize USWDS Jekyll theme
  • Add more page templates
  • Blueprint incremental upgrade path
  • Blueprint USWDS API
  • Improve communication of system state and changes
  • Pilot GitHub communities
  • Blueprint research repo