Create a user profile

Help a user to create their profile

Why this matters

User profiles are central to a person’s identity. A user profile may be integral to proving identity and qualifying for and receiving support and services from the government. It can also be integral to expressing identity and ensuring respectful communication.

Help users to…

Enter their address

Help users to input their physical or mailing addresses for successful communication.

Indicate their contact preferences

Help users to specify how they would like to be contacted and in what language.

Enter their date of birth

Help users to enter their birth date or other memorable date.

Provide their email address

Help users to enter their email address.

Select their gender identity and sex

Help users to select their gender identity and sex.

Provide their name

Help users to enter their name accurately and confidently regardless of format.

Enter their phone number

Help users to enter their phone number or numbers to ensure effective communication.

Share their pronouns

Help users to provide their pronouns to ensure they are addressed in the manner they prefer.

Provide their race and ethnicity

Help users to provide the race and ethnicity that reflects their lived experience.

Enter their Social Security Number

Help users to provide their Social Security Number.