Component status

Current lifecycle information for every component we’re tracking in the design system

This table includes lifecycle information for every component we’re tracking in the design system, including those in the proposal phase. For a complete description of each of the component lifecycle phases, see our Component lifecycle phases page.

We update this page regularly, but check out our component proposal discussion board for the most up-to-date list of components in the proposal phase.

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Component Status
Accordion Stable
Alert Stable
Banner Stable
Breadcrumb Stable
Button Stable
Button group Stable
Card Stable
CUI Banner Proposal in progress
Character count Stable
Checkbox Stable
Collection Stable
Combo box Stable
Data visualizations Stable
Date picker Stable
Date range picker Stable
Feedback Discussion started
File input Stable
Footer Stable
Form Stable
Glossary Discussion started
Header Stable
Icon Stable
Icon list Stable
Identifier Stable
In-page navigation Stable
Input mask Stable
Input prefix or suffix Stable
Language selector Stable
Link Stable
List Stable
Memorable date Stable
Modal Stable
Pagination Stable
Process list Stable
Prose Stable
Quote with attribution Discussion started
Radio buttons Stable
Range slider Stable
Search Stable
Select Stable
Side navigation Stable
Site alert Stable
Skipto Discussion started
Spinner Discussion started
Toast Discussion started
Step indicator Stable
Summary box Stable
Table Stable
Tabs Proposal in progress
Tag Stable
Text input Stable
Time picker Stable
Tooltip Stable
Typography Stable
Validation Stable

Latest updates

Meaningful code and guidance updates are listed in the following table:

Date Description

Added component status page. More information: uswds-site#2491